Wire wrapped dinasaur Gembone pendant


One of a kind wire wrapped dinosaur bone/gembone pendant necklace. Handmade in antique copper wire. Comes with a 20ā€ antique copper chain and polishing cloth.

šŸ¦• Gembone refers to ancient bones (most commonly dinosaur bones) that have fossilized over time with minerals. Typically, individual cells have been fossilized with minerals like hematite, agate, quartz, marcasite or jasper, preserving the original cell structure of the dinosaur.

What this means is that the end result is a mixture of fossilized bone and minerals, creating a unique new substance.
Gembone, like pearl, ammolite, jet, coral and amber, is an organic material, created from a living (or once living) organism.
Gembone specimens tend to be around 150 million years old, dating from the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth. šŸ¦–